Membership is open to all NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, working in the area of education.

Membership of the Coalition shall be by a registration fee and annual subscription.


CSACEFA activities are coordinated by an eight (8) member Facilitating Committee(FC) drawn from 6 geopolitical zone and the FCT and  a representive of international development partners (IDPs) elected for a maximum 2 termsof two years each.

The FC is led by a National Moderator. The Annual General Forum  is the apex decision making organ of the coalition.

The Facilitating Committee have at least four meetings in a year, two of which is face to face, while the coalition has an Annual General Forum (AGF). The work of the coalition is managed through the secretariat led by the Policy Advisor which reports to the Facilitating Committee.

International Affiliations    

CSACEFA is a member of the Africa Network Campaign on Education for All (ANCEFA) and the Global Campaign on Education (GCE). She is also a member of UNESCO Collective consultation of NGOs on literacy and EFA (CCNGO).